Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Please send an email including

  • A quick personal introduction; we will be spending many hours in each other’s company.
  • A brief description of your tattoo idea; no need to make it too thorough, we will discuss the details during a consultation.
  • A photo of placement area; this helps me to design to fit your body.
  • Reference photos, images of subject or stylistic influence.

Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 19?

Yes. But not this year. You must be at least 19 to get tattooed, but trust me it’s worth the wait! 

Why are tattoos expensive?

There’s a lot that goes into tattooing that contributes to the cost.

Before you even show up for your appointment, I have already spent many hours drawing.

Before and after every tattoo, I dedicate an average of 2 hours cleaning to ensure the most safe and sterile conditions possible.

There are many single use, medical grade disposable items used in a tattoo session. I prioritize making sure the disposables and cleaning supplies I use are top quality from reputable suppliers to ensure your health and safety.

Tattooing is physically hard on the body.

My art is one of a kind, I design custom for every client to fit their body.

I do this work because I love it, for the quality of service I provide, my prices are fair and reasonable. Tattoos are for life, and cutting corners can cost you health and self-confidence.

How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment!

Pre care is just as important as after care, follow these tips for best results

  • Stay hyderated leading up to your appointment. It is easier to tattoo skin that is well hydrated. This will make the tattoo faster and less painful.
  • Take care of your skin, stay out of the sun and make moisturizer your friend the week leading up to your appointment. 
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Plan for an easy evening after
  • Do not drink alcohol the night before your tattoo
  • Eat a good breakfast - pack snacks and water

How much will it cost?

Your tattoo will last a life time. There are many things that affect how long it will take, which also will affect the cost.

These include :

  • The health and hydration of your skin
  • How much you squirm
  • How much you try to direct the experience
  • The level of detail and size of the design.

I will give a rough price estimate at a consultation but the exact time is impossible to predict because of these and other factors. 

Will you do this [Pinterest design, drawing by my friend, word, date]?

All of my work is 100% custom.

By focusing on designs that I’m truly passionate about I ensure that I deliver top quality tattoos that my clients and I can be proud of for a lifetime.

For this reason I prioritize doing large scale, colour tattoos that flow with the natural contours and curves of the human canvas.

Do I have to get the whole tattoo done in one session?

No, often a tattoo will be broken down into a few sessions.

This ensures better healing. The size of the design, your budget, and your skin’s willingness to cooperate all factor in to how many sessions a tattoo will take. 

Do you do smaller tattoos?

I design tattoos to flow with and accentuate the natural curvature and shape of the human form. If there is a small area that needs a tattoo like a hand or a neck, then small is the right way to go. I personally do not like doing tattoos that look like “stickers” though so I likely will not put a small tattoo on a big area like a thigh, back or arm.

Will you do a tattoo in black and grey?

It’s important to me to do tattoos that pop, are easy to read and look good for a life-time. To me, bold, coloured tattoos best achieve this result. Of course for some subjects the colours may be more muted, desaturated or earthy, but I still feel for my design style, colour adds the necessary contrast to make designs really pop. 

No one’s asking

But I want you to know, I take sanitation and cleanliness very seriously. I clean before and after each client an average of 2 hours. I use top quality, medical grade cleaning supplies.