Fox and Heron - 2 Print Set

Fox and Heron - 2 Print Set

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High Quality Giclée Print on Artist grade paper 

Giclée print is a term for fine art digital prints produced on specialized inkjet printers that provide a very high accuracy of colour reproduction, extended range of printable colours and longevity of prints.
The latest technologies utilized in our printing equipment allow us to produce high impact prints:
  • next generation pigment inks of archival quality. Tests show an expected longevity of well over 100 years before the ink will start to fade at normal room conditions.
  • Wide gamut inks, high resolution printing heads and advanced ink mixing algorithms produce vibrant prints with sharp looking details.
  • Colours remain consistent under different light sources.
  • Very high resistance to high humidity

Print Size 7”x22”

Paper Size 11”x26”